Christian Lacroix Paper
Christian Lacroix Paper

Since the launch of the Couture House in 1987, the Christian Lacroix style has been unique, exuberant, colourful and baroque. Today, Maison Christian Lacroix expresses its dynamism and love for colour via its lifestyle, fashion accessory and menswear collections designed by the brands Creative Director, Sacha Walckhoff and made in collaboration with several prestigious labels.

Combining the excellence of Christian Lacroix with exceptional savoir-faire, the Studios talent is conveyed through the realization of these varied and unique lifestyle collections.


Since 1979, Galisons mission has been to create stationery and gift product to bring art into peoples lives. We want them to not just see art in a museum or online but to live with it every day. We have built our outstanding reputation in the marketplace by bringing the works of renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Frank Lloyd Wright and many other contemporary and fine artists into the world of stationery and gifts.

To continue to expand our reach and appeal, we are now thrilled to announce our new partnership with Christian Lacroix Paris, the iconic couture house. We could not be more excited and hope that you will share in our enthusiasm. Featuring treatments such as embossing, laser cutting and pop-up elements, Christian Lacroix Paris adds a new dimension and high fashion sensibility to our broad range of products.

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